Uncharted Waters

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Welcome to Starting Point’s blog! I’ve felt lead for several months now to create a blog and share things in hopes to spark new thoughts and ideas in others. It’s been a struggle to get to this point though, of creating the blog and actually writing down my thoughts. The journey has been full of creativity, writer’s block, courage, and inadequacy. But over the past month or so, I’ve felt like it’s finally time to act on those feelings, and start a new adventure.

Most people in the church know me as the Worship Leader, or as I like to call myself, the Music Director. I personally consider anyone on the stage to be a worship leader, as they are held to a higher standard and help usher others into worship. So with that thinking, I became a worship leader at 15 years old, and became the Music Director at 16 years old. Over those 9 years I’ve seen everything from Heaven touching down on a Sunday service, to experiencing the worst pain of my life. But I was able to continue through the roller coaster by holding on to the prophetic words that I’ve gotten from others, support from my wonderful friends and family, and hope that someday the team that I was leading would expand to reach a new generation and bring a new spirit to those attending church services and beyond the church walls. But in order to pursue this new adventure, I feel the need to express my thanks and close the door to the season of the past. But don’t worry, I’m still going to be playing guitar for the team, I just won’t be in charge!

So, why would I want to step down from the position I’ve been in for years? I became stagnant. We all have something in our lives that we do on autopilot. It’s the same thing everyday, and the feeling of joy and excitement is replaced with procedure and dullness. Colossians 3:23, Titus 2:7, and 2 Corinthians 8:7 all talk about the same thing. Do everything with love and purpose, let others see God in your work. I realized I lost that sense of purpose. I feel like I’ve slowly lost my purpose over the past 2 years, but I was hoping the launch of Starting Point would resuscitate my dying spirit. Over those 2 years I’ve prayed for the life and joy to be returned, and while I would have moments of drive and ambition, the enthusiasm never really returned in the way I wanted. Of course my first instinct was to beat myself up. But then I had a burst of peace and a clear thought; what if this is a time for change, a time for a new adventure.

Over the past year I’ve been struck with these random thoughts that would result in page long writings. I would journal my personal thoughts, and write songs and poetry, but this was different. I felt like, even though it was personal and brutally honest writings, I felt like it might reach someone else other than me. Even though I’ve been front and center stage for so long and perform my own music, I’ve never been bitten with the ego bug that has hit so many church leaders nowadays. So stepping out in this way, sharing my personal thoughts and being vulnerable, is totally nerve wrecking for me! Starting a church blog has been in talks for a while, but maybe my struggle with my path is just a door opening to explore something new. So that’s the way I chose to look at.

I’m not exactly sure what this blog will look like, but I’m believing God will use it in an extraordinary way. I hope this post and future posts inspire you! Maybe you’re ready to take a chance and make a change. I encourage you to explore! You won’t be the only one sailing uncharted waters.


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